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Xinhe Qinglong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd

Welcome to Xinhe Qinglong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd

As an important engineering plastics, cast nylon has a wide range of applications and is an important engineering plastic. It is widely used to replace wear-resistant parts of mechanical equipment and copper and alloy as wear-resistant and vulnerable parts of equipment. Such as shaft sleeve, bearing bush, bushing, gear, worm wheel roller copper guide rail, piston ring, sealing ring, sliding block, ball bowl, impeller blade, cam nut, valve piece, packing box, rack, pulley, pump rotor, etc.

Xinhe County Qinglong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd Nylon stick Nylon parts We can add molybdenum disulfide, carbon black and other by-products according to customer requirements. We can also process all kinds of finished products and cast nylon according to the needs of users.

Xinhe Qinglong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. has many years of casting experience, product quality assurance, rapid delivery. Welcome customers to visit and patronize, willing to serve you wholeheartedly!

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蜜播直播: Our main products are as follows:

Nylon parts, nylon lining plate, slide bar:
one thousand × 2000、1000 × 1000、1000 × 500、500 × 500 thickness: 8-150 (mm)

蜜播直播: Nylon rod: diameter 20-500 (mm)

Nylon pipe: diameter 60-1000 height 600-1000 (mm)

Nylon sleeve: large, medium and small nylon sleeve, bearing bush, specification: 1000-60 (unit: mm)

蜜播直播: Nylon pipe, belt shaft, cam

Nylon shaped parts: large, medium and small shaped parts, weight (10g-300kg)

Preparation: graphite powder, molybdenum disulfide, talcum powder and oil can be added into nylon according to the user's requirements. Can also be mixed with a variety of colors: black, blue, red, green and so on.